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A waterproof jacket must also be breathable, i.e. able to let perspiration escape. Otherwise, you risk an effect sauna after effortlessly! In theory, all Gore-Tex ® membranes are highly breathable. And in practice? "It is impossible to keep a Gore-Tex jacket closed during a sporting activity,  canada goose kensington parka .  We must open it to aerate it, ensures Nicolas Rochat, boss of the Swiss brand Mover.
As a substitute for fibers and synthetic membranes, clothing high range winter sports home developed Mover Wool System,canada goose down parka sale, a new generation of ski wear natural materials and offering 'a real breathable capacity'. Outside, the Mover jackets feature a gabardine 100% cotton high density, tight enough to be fairly open to be breathable and waterproof.
Manufactured in Zurich by Stotz, this product very technical, but without plastic is usually for luxury ready to wear brands like Burberry or wax fabric designers. "This natural fabric is ideal for ski clothing, canada goose chilliwack bomber redwood womens , because it allows to dispense with membrane," welcomes Nicolas Rochat.
Inside jackets, there is an insulating fleece in wool of alpaca Swiss, warmer and softer than sheep's wool and "which allows a true thermal regulation,canada goose jackets online sale. This year, Mover launches also into the streetwear with a range elegant fully waterproof, natural, breathable parkas. What to do shadow-Moncler Canada Goose, two Rolls of the doudoune of luxury.